Given a labor pool that is not increasing at the rate required to meet the accelerating demand, enterprises are looking for technological solutions like intelligent automation that can enable the automated smart tasking of their workers empowered via prescriptive analytics and mobile software to... Read More


This Robotic Hand Stays Cool by Sweating

A new robotic hand has a surprisingly humanlike way to cool off: it can sweat. This isn't a traditional all-metal construction bot, in which case oozing water would probably mean something’s going wrong, or pose a threat to the electronics inside. The sweaty robot, described in a new study in&n... Read More


How robotics can be extremely beneficial to warehouse business

There is no doubt that warehouse robotics can increase the efficiency of human workers in more than one way.Especially when it comes to moving heavy products and transporting them to far-fetched locations, there would perhaps be no better alternative than warehouse automotive solutions.In toda... Read More

robotics 29.png

The robotic fry cook Flippy is getting a new look

Miso Robotics, the designers of the world’s most popular robotic fry cook “Flippy,” is giving their burger-flipping, french fry-prepping robot a new look.The company has designed a new installation for its robotic arm that slots under the hood above a fry station instead of planting the robot on... Read More


From home to healthcare, here are Robotic innovations transforming lives

From home, healthcare and manufacturing to transportation, education to the environment, robots have already touched almost all aspects of our lives. With rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and numerous other technologies, robots are becoming more capable, and affo... Read More


‘PigeonBot’ brings flying robots closer to real birds

Try as they might, even the most advanced roboticists on Earth struggle to recreate the effortless elegance and efficiency with which birds fly through the air. The “PigeonBot” from Stanford researchers takes a step toward changing that by investigating and demonstrating the unique qualities of... Read More


Legal considerations when it comes to robotics in surgery

There are currently a number of surgical robotic systems on the market, ranging from the da Vinci Surgical System (used for a wide spectrum of surgical procedures, including urology and gynaecology procedures), to Smith & Nephew’s Navio Surgical System and Stryker’s Mako Robotic-Arm (both u... Read More

robotics 14.jpg

Robots on the Set

Intelligent robotic cameras that automate live transmission are used on stages, racetracks, and playing fields, operate autonomously - and provide a perfect TV experience. The camera pans evenly to follow the figure skater, smoothly zooming in as she pulls away and slowing down as she changes d... Read More


Do We Really Need Robots in Our Kitchens for Convenience?

I was unable to attend CES this year, and as such, I missed a bunch of robot stuff. LG showed off a mock restaurant with a robot cooking food and making pourover coffee. Samsung demoed a concept robot that was billed as an “extra set of hands” in the kitchen that could grab items, pour o... Read More


Mobile Robotics to Drastically Change the Traditional Use of Automation and Robotics

Over the period of time we have strived to upgrade technologies in order to make our lifestyle more comfortable. We have introduced automation and robotics in order to reduce the manual labor required in manufacturing and production industries. Mobile robotics is one such application of robotics... Read More


Robots: Now coming to a workplace near you

"Digit" the robot can balance on one foot, navigate obstacles and fold itself to fit into the back of a car. One other thing — Digit can also use its arms to carry and deliver packages straight to your door, and even ask for help if a problem occurs along the way.No wonder that a big company lik... Read More


The hottest thing in robotics is an open source project you've never heard of

According to recent LinkedIn data, artificial intelligence (AI) jobs are up 74% while data science jobs are up 37% since 2015. Perhaps less visible, but emerging quickly in importance, are the robots increasingly powered by that data science. Small wonder, then, that the second-hottest job... Read More


Samsung’s knife-wielding robotic chef is all flash

Last year, we asked whether Samsung was getting serious about robotics. A year later, we’re not any closer to answering the question. This year’s presser played out roughly the same as last on the robotics front — all flash and little productizing to show for it.Samsung’s approach to r... Read More


How Well Can People Work with Robots?

Critics say that this kind of human-machine cooperation has its problems. They say that keeping up with the pace of the new technology is hurting human workers’ health and morale.Beth Gutelius studies urban economic development at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She has spo... Read More


Robot to transform safety in the petrochemical industry

Researchers have introduced the first ever Friction Stir Welding Robotic Crawler for the internal repair of pipelines, increasing the safety of those in the petrochemical industry.The development of the first ever FSWBot, Friction Stir Welding Robotic Crawler for internal repair and restoration... Read More


What are the main types of robots used in healthcare?

What are the main types of robots used in healthcare?Types of robots used in healthcare Surgical RobotsMajor manufacturers are increasing their R&D efforts within robotic surgical systems. The overall market is currently dominated by Intuitive Surgical, but the landscape is rapidly changing... Read More


Why 5G is Essential for AI, IoT, and Robotics

Hearing claims that 5G will change the world should not come as a shock, and appears to be more than just marketing hype. Why? Because the capability and capacity of the 5G technology can transform existing technologies in unimaginable ways.With research suggesting that 5G is expecting to pr... Read More

cat robo.jpg

There’s a robot cat you can back on Kickstarter

There’s a robot cat you can back on KickstarterYou may have heard of Aibo, Sony’s robot dog, but if a robot cat is what you’ve always wanted, you’re now able to back one on Kickstarter. In fact, it actually looks kind of cute.MarsCat, made by Elephant Robotics, looks a l... Read More


Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in solar energy

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in solar energyA one of a kind opportunity exists to apply AI to a particular part of the clean energy value chain: materials. Materials fill in as the structure blocks of clean energy, for example, the solar cells that make up the photovoltaic panels found... Read More


Robotics Can Solve the Construction Skills Shortage If Handled Properly

Robotics Can Solve the Construction Skills Shortage If Handled ProperlyThe construction industry is in desperate need of an automated shake-up. With a serious skills shortage, limited resources, and outdated data collection practices, automation and robotics could save the industry from stagnati... Read More


Building robotic safety inspectors nabs Gecko Robotics $40 million

Building robotic safety inspectors nabs Gecko Robotics $40 millionGecko Robotics has landed $40 million in financing as it looks to build an additional 40 robots over the next year to meet what the company sees as growing demand for its safety and infrastructure monitoring services.“We are... Read More


Examining the latest trends in robotics in new eBook

Examining the latest trends in robotics in new eBookMouser has published a new eBook in collaboration with TE Connectivity, highlighting new functions and applications in industrial robotics. In Solutions for Robots and Robot Control, engineers and subject matter experts from Mouser and TE provid... Read More


AI-driven robots are making new materials, improving solar cells and other technologies

AI-driven robots are making new materials, improving solar cells and other technologiesHe had asked her to refine a key material in solar cells to boost its electrical conductivity. But the number of potential tweaks was overwhelming, from spiking the recipe with traces of metals and other additi... Read More


Airbus acquires MTM Robotics, which makes aircraft-building systems in Boeing’s backyard

Airbus acquires MTM Robotics, which makes aircraft-building systems in Boeing’s backyardAirbus says it has acquired MTM Robotics, a Seattle-area company that provides automated systems for aerospace manufacturing, for an undisclosed sum.MTM’s headquarters are in Mukilteo, Wash., just a few... Read More

larix robo11.jpg

Robotics Industry Growth Shifts from Fixed Automation to Mobile Systems

Robotics Industry Growth Shifts from Fixed Automation to Mobile SystemsLONDON, UNITED KINGDOM — The robotics market is set to transform over the next 10 years, based on the comprehensive robotics tracker released by global tech market advisory firm, ABI Research.ABI Research’s Commercial and Ind... Read More

larix robo101.jpg

Robotics set for seismic change

Robotics set for seismic change The robotics market is set to transform over the next decade, based on the most comprehensive robotics tracker yet released by global tech market advisory firm, ABI Research.There will be enormous growth across all sub-sectors, highlighted in a... Read More

larix robot-brain.jpg

Robotic System for Deep Endovascular Instrument Guidance

Robotic System for Deep Endovascular Instrument GuidanceResearchers at the Polytechnique Montréal Nanorobotics Laboratory in Canada have developed a new method to guide endovascular instruments into complex vascular structures that were hitherto inaccessible to endovascular surgeons. The techniq... Read More

robo 05.jpg

Drones From Open Ocean Robotics Make A Splash, Tackling Winter Storms And More

Drones From Open Ocean Robotics Make A Splash, Tackling Winter Storms And MoreIt’s been a great year for Open Ocean Robotics, a British Columbia-based startup that makes solar-powered drones that can gather environmental data in real time and help address a multitude of issues.During 2019, ... Read More

larix robo04.jpg

Increased use of robotics led to worker displacement in midwest

Increased use of robotics led to worker displacement in midwest"Robot intensity," measured by the number of robots per number of workers, has more than doubled in the last decade to reach 1.81 robots for every 10,000 workers as of 2017, according to a study by The Century Foundation.Robots... Read More

Larix robo02.jpg

Mechatronics and Robotics Courses Market Demands, Competitive Insights And Precise Outlook 2019-2025

Mechatronics and Robotics Courses Market Demands, Competitive Insights And Precise Outlook 2019-2025 The global Mechatronics and Robotics Courses market is carefully researched in the report while largely concentrating on top players and their business tactics, geographical expansion... Read More


Technique helps robots find the front door

Technique helps robots find the front doorIn the not too distant future, robots may be dispatched as last-mile delivery vehicles to drop your takeout order, package, or meal-kit subscription at your doorstep — if they can find the door.Standard approaches for robotic navigation involve mapping an... Read More


Surgical Robots Shine

Surgical Robots ShineSurgical stays hotSurgical robot companies made a couple bits of news this week. In Post Falls, Idaho, Northwest Specialty Hospital announced it would be the first hospital in the Pacific Northwest to offer a combination of robotic technologies and automation for... Read More


The Army developed A.I. to help robots understand context

The Army developed A.I. to help robots understand contextA group of scientists have helped the U.S. Army develop artificial intelligence that will enable its robots understand context. The robot needs to understand environmental context, social context, and mission context so it... Read More


Quadruped Robots Can Climb Ladders Now

When we look at quadruped robots, it’s impossible not to compare them to quadruped animals like dogs and cats. Over the last several years, such robots have begun to approach the capabilities of their biological counterparts under just a few very specific situations, like wal... Read More


Here’s who will build the Army’s heavy common robot

WASHINGTON — The Army has chosen FLIR’s Kobra robot to serve as its heavy version of the Common Robotic System that will be used for explosive ordnance disposal and other heavy-duty jobs.The production contract will run for a period of five years and could be worth up to $109 million.... Read More


7 Key Robot Applications in Automotive Manufacturing

For more than 50 years, the automotive industry has been using robots in their assembly lines for a variety of manufacturing processes. Today, automakers are exploring the use of robotics in even more processes. Robots are more efficient, accurate, flexible, and dependable on these production line... Read More


Watch MIT’s ‘mini cheetah’ robots frolic, fall, flip – and play soccer together

MIT’s Biomimetics Robotics department took a whole herd of its new ‘mini cheetah’ robots out for a group demonstration on campus recently – and the result is an adorable, impressive display of the current state of robotic technology in action.The school’s students are seen coordinating the actio... Read More


World’s largest robotics contest challenged students to find solutions to ocean pollution

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Seeking to bolster its image as a forward-looking metropolis, Dubai hosted the largest-ever international robotics contest this week, challenging young people from 190 countries to find solutions to global ocean pollution.Event organizers say their selection of Duba... Read More


If You Want a Robot to Learn Better, Be a Jerk to It

In what will go down as one of the greatest robotics experiments ever, a few years back researchers in Japan let a robot loose in a mall and watched how kids reacted. Far from the sense of wonder you might expect from children, the mood soured into a sense of concern for the next g... Read More


Harvard's UrchinBot Is One of the Weirdest Looking Robots

On the spectrum of weird stuff that can be found in the ocean, sea urchins are probably somewhere in the middle. They’re an interesting combination of rigid and flexible, with shells covered in hard movable spines as well as soft tubular appendages that work like a combination of legs... Read More

robo race05.jpg


Midas Construction has commenced work on the extension of an Oxfordshire research facility that will boost the development of robotics work in extreme industrial environments.The design and construction of the new three storey extension will bring added benefits to the UK Atomic Energy Authority... Read More

army robo04.jpg

An Army of Tiny Robots Could Assemble Huge Structures in Space

We live in a world where multiple technological revolutions are taking place at the same time. While the leaps that are taking place in the fields of computing, robotics, and biotechnology are gaining a great deal of attention, less attention is being given to a field that is just as promising.... Read More


Trimbot robotic gardener mows the lawn and tends the roses

If your roses are getting a bit untidy, fear not, because an international team of researchers led by the University of Edinburgh has developed a prototype robot gardener to do the job. Called Trimbot, it can not only do a spot of mowing but also prune roses and trim bushes. Agricultural robo... Read More


The Future of Humans in an Increasingly Robotic World

The professional landscape is transforming, and the only way to maintain competitive advantage is to maximize the unique skills of your workforce. In Humanity Works: Merging Technologies and People for the Workforce of the Future, consultant and futurist Alexandra Levit provides a guid... Read More


A Cigarette-Smoking Robot for Better Lung Disease Research

For the good of humanity and medical research, Harvard scientists have invented a robot that smokes cigarettes. Well, calling it a robot may be a bit of a stretch—it’s more of a lab instrument. But the device does puff on up to 10 cigarettes at a time, taking in the smoke and channeling it... Read More


Millennial Parents Show Growing Trust in AI, Robotics for Health Care

A new study published today by IEEE shows a growing confidence among Millennial parents in using artificial intelligence and emerging technologies, including robotics, for the health and wellness of their children. But the study also showed a reluctance in confidence among U.S. and U.K. parents,... Read More


5 ways in which construction robotics is disrupting the industry

Until recently, construction was one of the least digitized and automated industries in the world. Many projects could be completed more efficiently with the help of the right construction robotics, mainly because the related tasks are incredibly repetitive. While manual labor will likely always... Read More


Waypoint Robotics Expands to Larger Manufacturing Facility

Waypoint Robotics this week announced it has moved into a larger manufacturing facility to accommodate growing demand for its autonomous mobile robots. The company moved from its location in Merrimack, N.H., into a new space in Nashua that will feature expanded space for production, design, eng... Read More


NASA Hiring Engineers to Develop “Next Generation Humanoid Robot”

It’s been nearly six years since NASA unveiled Valkyrie, a state-of-the-art full-size humanoid robot. After the DARPA Robotics Challenge, NASA has continued to work with Valkyrie at Johnson Space Centre, and has also provided Valkyrie robots to several different universi... Read More


First Robotic Surgery in South East Asia

Our Doctors from the Dept of Obstetrics & Gynaecology were in the limelight for the first robotic surgery for Gynaecologic Cancer in Southeast Asia.Women who need surgery for gynaecological cancers can now opt for robotic-assisted surgery - an equally effective surgery that is less painful,... Read More


Eureka Robotics’ new robotic arm is designed for optical lenses and mirrors

Last year, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore had a small viral sensation on its hands with the release of Ikea Bot. The robot did laps around its inept human counterparts by autonomously assembling an Ikea chair in less than nine minutes.That same team is behind NTU spin-off Eure... Read More



Robots are dominating. You can see it already occurring at McDonald’s with its automated ordering kiosks, or your closest general store with its self-checkout machine. Soon, it will be typical to see driverless vehicles and individuals strolling their robot dogs outside. What’s more, this is ju... Read More


Robotics technologies in Qatar

The foundation of Qatar's economy lies on its petroleum and natural gas reserves that account for more than 70% of its total government revenue, more than 60% of gross domestic product, and roughly 85% of export earnings. Globally, Qatar is the second-largest exporter of gas and has the world's... Read More


NASA working on Transformers-like shape-shifting robots

Let me dig back into some deep childhood memories. There are regular Transformers robots that switch between humanoid and vehicle forms, and then there are Transformers with independent components that can mesh together into a single machine. NASA is developing a robot concep... Read More


Boston Dynamics puts its robotic quadruped Spot up for sale

Since the days of BigDog, the quadrupedal robots of Boston Dynamics  have impressed and repelled us. But while the early, bulky robots never felt like something we’d see in real life, the company’s latest and greatest creation, Spot, is not only quite real, but now for sale — in fa... Read More


Why Robot Developers Should Embrace the Robotics Edge

For almost a year, robotics developers and companies have used the AWS RoboMaker set of services offered by Amazon as way to develop, simulate and deploy robotics applications through cloud services. Roger Barga, general manager of the service, will be speaking at RoboBusiness 2019 on... Read More


Roboethics: The Human Ethics Applied to Robots

In the 1940s, American writer Isaac Asimov developed the Three Laws of Robotics arguings that intelligent robots should be programmed in a way that when facing conflict they should remit and obey the following three laws: ·         A robot may n... Read More


World record sales for robots as sector reaches $16.5 billion in investment

Do you work with a robot? Jokes about the boss aside, if you're in a growing list of sectors, including light manufacturing, components, oil and gas, and various kinds of applied sciences, it's increasingly likely the answer will soon be yes, if it isn't alreadyThe robots that service these indus... Read More


Rise Of Social Robots Market 2019-2025 | Blue Frog Robotics & Buddy, Reach Robotics, Haapie SAS, Knightscope, Inc

The Social robot market is expected to grow worth of USD +700 Million and at a CAGR of +14% over the forecast period 2019-2025.The global Social Robots market is the most recent invention has newly added by Research N Reports which offers guidelines to drive the businesses. This research study h... Read More


Universal Robots Introduces Its Strongest Robotic Arm Yet

Universal Robots, already the dominant force in collaborative robots, is flexing its muscles in an effort to further expand its reach in the cobots market. The Danish company is introducing today the UR16e, its strongest robotic arm yet, with a payload capability of 16 kilograms (35.3... Read More


A Communication-Aware Mutual Information Measure for Distributed Autonomous Robotic Information Gathering

This letter investigates the computation of information measures for distributed communication-aware information gathering by robotic sensor networks. The mutual information between an unknown target state and measurements received over a lossy network is derived in order to combine sensing and... Read More


Plant Phenotyping by Deep-Learning-Based Planner for Multi-Robots

Manual plant phenotyping is slow, error prone, and labor intensive. In this letter, we present an automated robotic system for fast, precise, and noninvasive measurements using a new deep-learning-based next-best view planning pipeline. Specifically, we first use a deep neural network to estima... Read More


Starship Technologies food delivery robots take on their biggest college campus yet

The robotic food couriers of Starship Technologies have taken on quite a few jobs since the startup first broke cover in 2015, delivering pizzas for Domino’s and taking part in pilots across Europe. As part of the company’s delivery service for college and corporate campuses, the roaming six-whe... Read More


Using Robotics to Farm

Recent advancements in automated farming technology has dramatically transformed the modern agricultural industry to meet the growing and continuously changing demands of consumers around the world. To ensure that an adequate supply of high-quality crops is produced promptly, agriculture robots... Read More


Robotic sales, growth continues in 2019

From January to June 2019, the North American robotics market is up 7.2%, with companies ordering 16,488 robots, valued at $869 million. These numbers were reported by the Robotic Industries Association (RIA), part of the Association for Advancing Automation.The largest driver of the ye... Read More


New Research Study on Inspection Robots in Oil and Gas Market Growth of 2019-2025:

The Global Inspection Robots in Oil and Gas Market report encloses vital statistical data of sales and revenue based on leading segment such as type, regions, applications, technology, and elite players in the global Inspection Robots in the Oil and Gas industry. The report aims a... Read More


Why robots need to understand motive like humans do

Robots need to know the reason why they are doing a job if they are to effectively and safely work alongside people in the near future. In simple terms, this means machines need to understand motive the way humans do, and not just perform tasks blindly, without context.According to a new article... Read More

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