World record sales for robots as sector reaches $16.5 billion in investment

Do you work with a robot? Jokes about the boss aside, if you're in a growing list of sectors, including light manufacturing, components, oil and gas, and various kinds of applied sciences, it's increasingly likely the answer will soon be yes, if it isn't alreadyThe robots that service these indus... Read More


Rise Of Social Robots Market 2019-2025 | Blue Frog Robotics & Buddy, Reach Robotics, Haapie SAS, Knightscope, Inc

The Social robot market is expected to grow worth of USD +700 Million and at a CAGR of +14% over the forecast period 2019-2025.The global Social Robots market is the most recent invention has newly added by Research N Reports which offers guidelines to drive the businesses. This research study h... Read More


Universal Robots Introduces Its Strongest Robotic Arm Yet

Universal Robots, already the dominant force in collaborative robots, is flexing its muscles in an effort to further expand its reach in the cobots market. The Danish company is introducing today the UR16e, its strongest robotic arm yet, with a payload capability of 16 kilograms (35.3... Read More


A Communication-Aware Mutual Information Measure for Distributed Autonomous Robotic Information Gathering

This letter investigates the computation of information measures for distributed communication-aware information gathering by robotic sensor networks. The mutual information between an unknown target state and measurements received over a lossy network is derived in order to combine sensing and... Read More


Plant Phenotyping by Deep-Learning-Based Planner for Multi-Robots

Manual plant phenotyping is slow, error prone, and labor intensive. In this letter, we present an automated robotic system for fast, precise, and noninvasive measurements using a new deep-learning-based next-best view planning pipeline. Specifically, we first use a deep neural network to estima... Read More


Starship Technologies food delivery robots take on their biggest college campus yet

The robotic food couriers of Starship Technologies have taken on quite a few jobs since the startup first broke cover in 2015, delivering pizzas for Domino’s and taking part in pilots across Europe. As part of the company’s delivery service for college and corporate campuses, the roaming six-whe... Read More


Using Robotics to Farm

Recent advancements in automated farming technology has dramatically transformed the modern agricultural industry to meet the growing and continuously changing demands of consumers around the world. To ensure that an adequate supply of high-quality crops is produced promptly, agriculture robots... Read More


Robotic sales, growth continues in 2019

From January to June 2019, the North American robotics market is up 7.2%, with companies ordering 16,488 robots, valued at $869 million. These numbers were reported by the Robotic Industries Association (RIA), part of the Association for Advancing Automation.The largest driver of the ye... Read More


New Research Study on Inspection Robots in Oil and Gas Market Growth of 2019-2025:

The Global Inspection Robots in Oil and Gas Market report encloses vital statistical data of sales and revenue based on leading segment such as type, regions, applications, technology, and elite players in the global Inspection Robots in the Oil and Gas industry. The report aims a... Read More


Why robots need to understand motive like humans do

Robots need to know the reason why they are doing a job if they are to effectively and safely work alongside people in the near future. In simple terms, this means machines need to understand motive the way humans do, and not just perform tasks blindly, without context.According to a new article... Read More

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