Dr. Sarvjeet Herald

Director - Artificial Intelligence and Mechatronics at RoboGenius Learning solutions Limited, India Explainable Artificial Kinesthetic Intelligence

Explainable Artificial Kinesthetic Intelligence

Researchers are making progress toward creating machines like humans. Their pursuit is divided into two parts. First is developing Digital Minds so that machines can think and reason like us. Second is focused on developing bodies with Digital Minds so that machines can also act like humans and skillfully carry out physical activities in their environments. Both combined is a machine closer to humans, similar to Sophia, having Artificial Kinesthetic Intelligence. The future is that humans and Machines will live and work together as citizens. But many are concerned about what will humans do in the future, will machines make them redundant or could machines take over human race. Building upon the basics with a roadmap of future, in this talk, we attempt to address the concerns of adversaries, which in our view are mainly borrowed from the science fiction and because behavior and actions of machines remain unexplained, and discuss that a predictable pattern could develop confidence in our co-existence with machines. 

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