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Mrs.Lama Shashaa

Cofounder and Chairwomen of International Robotics Academy,Jordan

Innovation Vs. Education

Isn’t it the time to dare?

“a mother’s perspective to education in the digital age”

I believe, we all agree that the current educational models aren’t feeding universities nor workforce with innovative mind sets. This requires education to not only be based on the principle of hands-on activities with technology, robotics, coding, product design, digital design, arts, crafts and music but it also must integrate these learning experiences within a broad framework of student-led educational principles. The main objective of all school years is to have people who are eager to contribute to the world’s pressing problem with smart solutions. To tolerate collaborative and inquiry-based learning and watch the impact on the appetite for learning of the students. Through the teaching of high order thinking, students develop more transferable skills which are highly adequate in fresh situations. This provides students with real-world relevant transferable skills.

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